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5 Cool New Android Games Of 2019/2020

5 Cool New Android Games Of 2019/2020

No 1: Mario Kart Tour Game

In this new Mario Kart, Mario and friends go global as they race around courses inspired by real-world cities as well as classic Mario Kart courses! Tours that rotate every two weeks will include these destinations! In addition to courses focused on iconic locations, some of your favorite Mario Kart characters will have variants that incorporate the local flavor of the towns in the game! Known and loved by many, the Mario Kart series is ready to take the world by storm-one smart device at a time! With just one hand, as you go for the gold in cups filled with new and classic Mario Kart courses, you can easily steer and drift devastating objects. You have access to an arsenal of powerful items in Mario Kart Tour that can mix up on the racetrack! Turn the heat up by activating the new Frenzy mode, giving you an unlimited supply of a certain item and making you invincible! Make the most of the ensuing chaos, as Frenzy mode is only short-lived!

Mario Kart Tour Game Features

  • Gather drivers, karts, badges, etc.
  • Challenge bonus courses put the traditional races in a twist!
  • Race to boost your rank online!
  • Endless Mario Kart fun for you!

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No 2: Typoman Mobile Game

Typoman Mobile is a game of action and adventure that challenges you to help a character that consists of letters while exploring the various platforms. To do so, the letters you stumble upon during your adventure need to make up different words. Visuals are really well-designed in Typoman Mobile, which is why you will be quickly absorbed in the environment where you will find both light and shadows. Controls are very basic and all you need to do is tap the virtual d-pad on the left side of the screen. Then just tap the various elements on the screen to solve the puzzles. Click the action button to move the character vertically if you want to run.

Letters are the main protagonists of all Typoman Mobile puzzles. You’re going to start by rolling as an’ o,’ but you’re going to start collecting other letters soon enough to form the body of your character and move forward. The game is divided into chapters of different levels. Typoman Mobile will certainly keep you amused while you lead a letter-based stickman. Experience all the nooks and crannies through each environment. The music will keep you all the way on your toes as well.

Typoman Mobile Game Features

  • Use the power to change the world by forming, altering or killing words
  • Solve clever and demanding puzzles with a unique mix of typography and pen & ink graphics
  • Witty word puzzles and puns captivating, carefully crafted, on – the-fly told story
  • Surreal, immersive world of games
  • Similar score written specially for the game

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No 3: Walk Master Game

Walk Master is a game that demonstrates how well you can walk on two wooden pillars. There are several characters to play with that help them overcome different obstacles and collect rewards at each level. One of Walk Master’s strengths is its graphics, which are beautifully designed in 2D. All you need to do is learn how to beat each level one after the next using the controls.

That makes this game so complicated is the stilts. Essentially, to raise each stilt without falling over, you need to move your finger horizontally. Be careful not to walk too fast, otherwise you will not uniformly land on the stilt and you will fall to the ground. The fun part is when missions such as avoiding piranhas and other creatures that get in your way are given. Walk Master is a game that thanks to its original gameplay is easy to fall in love with. Pay attention to every scenario and step carefully on those stilts that will certainly scare you if you don’t master the controls of the game. While you play, you can even unlock new characters with unique features.

Walk Master Game Features

  • Master the level of challenges
  • Regularly, more new levels
  • Collect 26 singular characters
  • Controls of precision-easy to learn, difficult to master!

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No 4: Ninja warrior Game

Ninja warriors: shadow fighter-a legendary figure in the ancient world (legend of fighting games) Many lifetimes conclude with superhuman skills, and legendary ninja warriors train these skills for many years to help them become scary warrior legend. You’re going to transform into these ninja warriors legend in ninja fighting games. Your mission is to rescue the hostages, break into enemy zones to kill and destroy them. With superhuman skills such as excellent acrobatics, deadly slashes, hidden paddles, lightning-fast darts, these great skills will help ninja face the challenge of completing the mission, overcoming all dangers. When you transform into a shadow fighter ninja, you’re going to have great experiences with many levels of anxiety emotions, nervous with the challenges when you win to burst into joy. In these games of fighting. Ninja legend will be a shadow warriors-shadow whunters to fight enemies in the dark In the discovery journey, you can collect more diamonds and gold from the enemy to increase fighting power.

Ninja warrior Game Features

  • Lovely graphics
  • Easy to play and handle
  • Great sound
  • With many rates and maps, smart challenge
  • There are three maps and more than 45 levels.
  • It’s going to be a tough game.

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No 5: Extreme Football Game

Extreme Football-Multiplayer Soccer is a football game where you play in exciting matches that last only two minutes against other online players. How exactly, exactly? Okay, by skipping straight to the game’s most exciting part: the penalty shootout. The controls are very simple in Extreme Football-Multiplayer Soccer: by swiping across the screen you kick the ball, sending it in the direction you want. Only swipe to make your goalkeeper dive when it’s your turn to be in goal. It’s intuitive and easy.

Shooting Race and Free Kicks are the two main game modes in Football Strike-Multiplayer Soccer. In the first, your goal is to score more goals than your opponent before the end of time. However, in the second mode, by controlling your goalkeeper, you need to get goals past your rival and block his goal attempts. There is also an entertainment mode that allows you to practice taking shots offline on goal. Football Strike-Multiplayer Soccer is a football game that gives you the opportunity to compete anytime against friends from around the world. The control system is also very sophisticated, and the graphics are amazing.

Extreme Football Game Features

  • Play 3 in real time with your mates versus players around the world on 3 football matches!
  • Fast-run multiplayer mobile soccer game!
  • Unlock and collect games: all players have their special abilities individually!
  • Offer 1 matches vs 1, 2, 3 matches vs 3 matches!
  • Take the challenge of ascending local and global ranks!
  • Create or join a club with your friends or apply for tips sharing and playing together!
  • Customize your characters by gathering different skins!

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