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Agent A: A puzzle in disguise

The crafty pretenders have always been the henchmen of the intelligence service. With the helplessness and superb pretenders, they have successfully completed “missions” under the agents’ chase.

And this time our protagonist Agent A received orders from superiors, that is, to track and dive into the secret den, but how can things go smoothly, escaped in the elevator, boss’s death have illustrated the difficulties of this mission.

Fortunately, the last officer A or effectively discovered and sneaked into Ruby’s nest’s secret, but just in the trap, the two parties witnessed fighting in place, a true trump card ace has just started.

The play is full of modern pictures, music for a bit of mediocre, slow and lovely background music, unmotivated warning tone plots and props used mildly vocal noise, though the fit theme, but it’s also restricted to that.

If the game players see a vintage record player, insert a record softly turning a slightly hoarse music, it can be said that the crowning touch is forgotten by individuals.

For the operation of a retro but easy click-based operation, the player can collect the props to see by clicking on the suspect fields to get some of the vague tips, and can be submitted to the relevant authorities.

Additionally, collecting props decryption game is the most frequently criticized by the players backpack scheme has also been enhanced, players get the props to be positioned in order on the correct side of the screen, without affecting the game’s operation, using just drag the props can be finished.

The manufacturing level of the game is very high, full of modern pictures, retro and full of creative play, and the game is worthy of recognition, plus a complete interactive experience.

App Name Agent A: A puzzle in disguise (Apk)
Updated 2019-09-02
Current Version 5.0.1
Requires Android 4.4 and up
Size 372 MB
Offered By Yak & Co