Armed Heist gun game is basically Payday 2 for mobile

Armed Heist is basically Payday 2 for mobile

Armed Heist is a brand new third-person shooter that draws a lot of influence from Payday 2 now in beta on Ios.

You take on a number of heists from jewelry store attacks to bank vaults raiding. On the Crime Map, you can find this – a work list that allows you to select from a bunch of jobs available.

Armed Heist is in beta on Android right now

You’re going to have to customize your character first, choosing from different weapons, upgrades, and their appearance. Weapons range from assault rifles to snipers and they can be fitted with different sights, suppressors, and other modifications.

Neither are missions the same, with a range of methods to handle them. This leads you to fight your way through a lot of material.

So go over right now to Google Play and pick up Armed Heist in alpha. There is no multiplayer, but hopefully in a future update it will arrive.

Armed Heist shooting games TPS 3D Sniper gun game Features

  • Customizable Weapon System-construct the wildest, most modified weapon you could ever imagine! Guns, shotguns, snipers, rifles of assault! Make the next big bank robbery as deadly as possible for your arsenal!
  • Modify it with sights, suppressors, grips, bows, stocks and colors of camouflage! All that will affect your weapon’s output.
  • Crime Map-A dynamic career base crime map with low-security banks and armored trucks, helps you to choose what you want to do today!
  • Interactive Scenarios – Get the thrill packed! None of the bank shooting challenges often play out the same way twice in this third-person shooter online game. Based on your actions and weapon skills, each situation will be different.
  • Create your character–Make your own brutal bank robber! Want to be a clown of the murderer? Special strengths? Perhaps a gangster of badass? Win masks, bulletproof coats, and incredible costumes. High-quality 3D graphics and immersive gameplay make it an action-packed shootout for this third person shooter!

Download Armed Heist shooting games TPS 3D Sniper gun game file from Downloading button below and enjoy this app.

Game Name Armed Heist shooting games TPS 3D Sniper gun game
Updated 1 July 2019
Current Version 1.1.21
Requires Android 5.0 and up
Size 80M
Offered By Sozap