Banana Kong Blast is a colourful platformer that's available now on iOS and Android

Banana Kong Blast is a colourful platformer that’s available now on iOS and Android

Banana Kong Blast is the sequel to Banana Kong in 2013. It draws inspiration in a number of ways from Donkey Kong and it certainly isn’t shy about hiding it. While the original was your pretty normal runner we believed was just fine, the sequel promises to be a little more diverse. The App Store and Google Play are now accessible.

You will begin each level in Banana Kong Blast by being fired from a barrel cannon. Then you’re going to find your way through the stage by tapping to be fired from every fresh barrel you get into. There will also be parts where you travel in mine karts and swing from vines, but the primary mode of transportation is barrel propulsion.

This makes it more like a standard platformer from a runner – except that you can’t move freely – where you can take a moment to comprehend the timing rather than just rely on your responses to get you through barriers that pop up.

It looks great, with its simian counterpart Donkey Kong taking clear inspiration. A quick look and you’d believe it’s a rare fresh game. In a 2D domain, it also uses 3D graphics. This leads to parts where Kong floats between the foreground and the background, which will hopefully give the levels a greater impulse.

It presently has 48 barrel-through rates at the moment of writing, with more supposedly on the manner. Tee Lopes, who was accountable for the music in Sonic Mania, which is a successful pedigree, developed the game’s soundtrack.

Download Banana Kong Blast file from Downloading button below and enjoy this Game.

Game Name Banana Kong Blast (Apk)
Updated September 26, 2019
Current.V 1.0.14
Req.Android 4.4 and up
Size 68M
Offered By FDG Entertainment GmbH & Co.KG