Bitter End: multiplayer first-person shooter (Early Access) Game

Bitter End: multiplayer first-person shooter (Early Access) Game

A competitive online FPS with amazing graphics and adrenaline-filled gameplay.

Encounter the bitter end! A competitive online FPS with amazing graphics and adrenaline-filled gameplay. Choose your favorite mode, land on one of the lovely maps, and let the fun begin!
Meet new mates, get in touch with your own motley crew and get back into the new season! We set up an official community in FB for this matter: https:/ Don’t hesitate to join us! Note, though it’s a first-person shooter, as never before, the squad matters. Each of your games is emotionally charged at 100 percent. The victory pendulum will not stop swinginging during the 5 minutes of a match. Each of your actions can lead to a terrible victory or defeat.

The Bitter End control system is what you would expect to find in any game of this genre: using your left thumb and aiming with your right thumb you can move your character. To change the settings to your tastes, use the options menu. You can choose between automatic or manual shot and customize the buttons position to reload, jump or use the telescopic view. At the beginning of the game, you can choose from over a dozen different skins that you can change at any time. But you can unlock various outfits and accessories for your character as you continue to play. Likewise, you’re going to start with two guns, but as you start winning games and leveling up, you can unlock many more.

Bitter End game is an excellent FPS multiplayer that offers you a direct and frenzied five-minute round experience. There is also a main hub where you can move freely with other players and communicate with them. It should also be noticed that the game has graphics that are absolutely outstanding.

Bitter End game Features

  • A vast array of different weapons. You’ll be able to battle your way to the top of the ranking lists, whether it’s an arbalest or a minigun.
  • Infinite ability to express yourself. We believe diversity is all that’s why we created loads of customization options for you! To suit your play style, wear rough, lavish, yet stylish clothes and hats.
  • The big center. We have a place to talk with other players around the area. We, the fragmented remnants of the lost civilization, love talking, updating our weapons, and buying some things, while we’re not on the battlefield.
  • Wonderful graphics. Everything from the sunshine patch on your assault rifle’s body to the highly detailed surroundings on the map (like a battered battleship, covered in moss and rust, “parked” in the middle of the street) will make you feel our environment to the fullest.

Download Bitter End game file from Downloading button below and enjoy this game.

Game Name Bitter End: multiplayer first-person (Game)
Updated 22 October 2019
Current.V Varies with device
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