Brave Order Review – Auto Chess meets Gacha RPG and nothing changes

Brave Order Review – Auto Chess meets Gacha RPG and nothing changes

Brave Order is a brand new RPG gacha that takes what makes Auto Chess so special and sticks it to the tired gacha RPG fight formula. The outcome is very comparable to the variety of other gacha RPGs out there, as you might expect.

You’re going to spend most of your time fighting through identikit levels, trying to trick you into believing that there’s any true approach. You’re going to put your units and heroes in a formation and then send them out to fight the opposition.

You can see the formation of the opposition as quickly as you start a level, so you can generate a workable structure quite readily. It essentially comprises of putting the powerful tanks in front of the weaker units. It always operates.

The battle system teases strategy but delivers more of the same

The only other bit of true approach is to use the unique capabilities of your hero unit. This could add a temporary shield, carry out a huge AoE assault, or cure your units, depending on the hero.

Really, as quickly as they are accessible for all the difference it makes, you can just use them. This will cause a temporary cooldown of all other unique abilities. However, it doesn’t last long, so in a matter of seconds you will be able to use the others.

You will conduct the same normal gacha hero summons outside of the fight as you do in any other member of this infested genre. By grinding or spending money, you can either gain the currency to do this – guess which one is quicker?

Then there’s the upgrade range. Using experience potions you can equip them with new gear, level them up and improve their skills. For the different units you enter, the same can be said. These are groups of weaker troops that are going to increase your defense and crimes.

Brave Order isn’t a bad game, it’s just more of the same in a tired genre

Brave Order looks nice enough, aesthetically, with lots of colour, animations, and stuff to tap on. However, it’s nothing special, and you’ll immediately think of the myriad of other comparable games you’ve played on your phone.

Basically, to anyone who has played a gacha RPG before, we can’t really suggest Brave Order. It’s the precise same game you’ve played many times before, and it’s not fooling anyone that slightly distinct combat system.

Don’t get us wrong – it’s not so bad, and if you like Auto Chess as well as gacha RPGs, this combination could just do it for you. Just don’t expect anything that’s distinctive or different because it’s just going to lead to disappointment.

App Name Brave Order (Apk)
Updated 9 July 2019
Current.V 1.0.14
Req.Android 4.1 and up
Size 89M
Offered By Outact Inc