DownHill Masters Review – A ride worth taking?

DownHill Masters Review – A ride worth taking?

Professional racing has different kinds of fans. Some of these fans just like to watch the competitors going head to head on the track, using their skills and guile to bury their opponents and cross the finish line first.

Other racing enthusiasts get into the behind – the-scenes technical things – how much the mechanics have changed, how much the team has spent, how difficult the riders have been training, and so on.

DownHill Masters is a fan of the second type. While it includes some frenzied, tense races through a series of narrow, winding, urban courses, you’re going to spend as much time off the path as you do on it.

We’re going to begin with the things from the backroom. The game allows you to choose from three distinct drivers, each with their own style of riding. Marie is specialized in tricks, while the attended Steve comes in for velocity and the hulking chef Devito prefers authority unsurprisingly.

A strange and beautiful array of operations includes making progress with these three characters.

Character building

You will see them standing outside their garage after choosing a personality ready to jump into their VW Camper and head to the race track. But swipping on the screen left or right brings them to the other fields of their lives.

There is a job screen, one for the gym, and last but not least one for the home. You have duties to finish in each of these –although they are not interactive. Just click the icons on the screen’s bottom right to set them to go.

These tasks enable your personality to level up and receive cash based on where they are, and more tasks become accessible as they level up.

The three DownHill Masters characters all look fantastic, and a lot of effort was obviously poured into fleshing them out. Unfortunately, Marie is not the biggest symbol of female emancipation, because the majority of her home is purple and her job includes ironing and sewing. Oops.

DownHill Masters considers you hurtling down different courses carved out of a single overarching urban map in terms of action on the path.

Race time

The race mode, which is where you will originally spend most of your racing time, consists of ten sections consisting of five races each, with each race taking place on the same segment of the race in a chapter.

This at first feels a little repetitive, partially because ramping up to the point that you’re losing races reliably lasts a while for the trouble. Until the sixth section, we did not meet a true challenge.

That said, the races are frenzied, jostly affairs, and they get a opportunity with other drivers attempting to knock you off and chip you off at your HP. Funnily, you have to complete the race on foot if they succeed, with your bicycle over your shoulder.

Besides HP, you have energy, a boost feature that is constantly replenishing. There’s also a brake, but who needs it?

You get a loot box each time you win a race. It requires some time to open these, but by splashing out a few gems you can speed up the process. These boxes contain passive and active abilities that can be equipped before a race with your rider, offering you additional HP, additional energy, speed boost for the entire race, etc.

Once things get difficult on the path you’re going to have to bust these abilities out and it’s vital to pick the correct ones for the scenario. Likewise, it is vital not to waste them because they are all consumable.

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In addition, you can purchase and upgrade everything from the individual components of your bike frame to your gloves and shoes, each item providing its own distinctive advantages in six distinct fields of your performance. Each protagonist also has a skill tree that you climb with skill tickets that are tricky to get.

In other words, DownHill Masters is a profound leadership game and it becomes apparent that you need to practice extreme organizational skills as you achieve the tougher races – and tougher opponents in the World Grandprix – and run out of gems. The free-to-play economy is as difficult as the true one to navigate.

DownHill Masters is an ambitious game that covers every region of the lives of a semi-professional racer, from gaining cash at their daytime work to spending on equipment, all the way to bombing a road with the wind in their hair on a bicycle.

As you would expect, even though it’s completely okay, the race itself is not the primary attraction. What stands out in DownHill Masters, on the contrary, is the sheer breadth of its organizational scope and its polished, personalized presentation.

App Name Downhill Masters (Apk)
Updated 31 July 2019
Current.V 1.0.39
Req.Android 5.1 and up
Size 36M
Offered By THEM corporation