God of War There a lot of good games found on Google play store some are action-packed some are full of adventure other are likely a classical story based but I can assure that you can never see a game like this one which is full of everything that you want in a game from action to adventure from thrill to suspense. The God of War franchise bean as a guilty pleasure a playground for fun frenetic violence and debauchery at its stood Kratos the almighty jerk. He was 7 feet of sinewy pro wrestler grade character flaws, and he wore them like a title belt. Kratos Now, however, you control when to mainline the plot, or just wander off in a canoe and explore. God of War is said to be a perfectly greatest achievements that are making Kratos a likable character. It is said to be originally PS games vicious edge and misogyny got somewhat of a pass from its cartoonist sheen and sheer outlandishness but as things got more realistic on the PS3 or PS4.1

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For play this action game firstly we can download it from the store into our desktop pc because it is made for that platform only need of 1 GB ram and 1.5 Gb hard drive capacity is its precautions. After that, you can run the game and get the joy. The most remarkable thing about God of War achievements that the thing that made a good game great. There are plenty of franchise trademark gore coupled with deeply satisfying reimagined combat, but the specific creative decisions and their incredible technical execution elevate it to more than slasher film gross-outs the way it proceeds in a single, uninterrupted shot without tedious backtracking the way it tells a story with compassion and empathy, without throwing out the franchise’s established mythology. The way it gives Kratos companion through the adventure.

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God of War Features

Features and aspects of God of War game are very clear and bright you can be done it with your own words when you can play it but first, you can be more precise about to read those aspects some of them are laid down.

  • In God of War, do no do just a few things well. it does nearly everything well consistently and in harmony.
  • It is exquisitely paced doling out narrative and combat puzzles and fighting quiet moments and intense action without overdoing anything.
  • How God of War’s combat team made Kratos new ax feel so good.
  • You can occasionally find yourself unsure if you are doing something wrong, or don’t have the right equipment yet.
  • An incredible spectacle of combat and action. Great characters story and a beautifully realized semi-open world. So much to see, investigate can do.

In final taught that this action-packed thriller is a gift for those who love combat based gaming in this game, you can get all the flavor of adventure and make joy with every moment of playing strongly recommended to my audience check and play this game.