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Grand Mountain Adventure

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Now you can explore the entire mountains on a single pair of the skis in this addictive and amazing visually stunning open world game for your android devices and mobile. The player of this game can ride wherever they want to the busy resorts filled with having snowboarders, brawling, powder runs, avalanches, and bears. In this game the players passes challenging by their self in Slalom mode. The players can enjoy big air, slope style, best drops, super G, and other competitions for players. Players can use ski game passes for unlocking the lifts and to getting the new areas of the game mountains. Five huge mountains are in this game to exploring. There are more than ten different challenges types for completing. More than 70 challenges are there to compete for players. Player’s online high scores can beat the world records. You can find this game on Google store so let’s download and start playing and share with your friends.

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  • jatin
    Apr 23, 2019 7:35 am

    very good