Ink · Mountains and Mystery | Best Adventure Game |

Ink · Mountains and Mystery | Best Adventure Game |

Ink, Mountains and Mystery is the second indie styled game created from NetEase Games by the same minds behind The Beautiful Dream. Thanks to the self-developed NeoX engine, using multi-layered, hand-painted 3D models and special rendering technology, this game reflects a distinctive artistic concept filled with beautiful colors and excellent rolling landscapes.

Ink, Mountains and Mystery have transformed the esthetics of two-dimensional paintings into three-dimensional worlds spanning. By using the classic horizontal scroll perspective in conjunction with a free-look perspective, players are resulted into wonderful scroll paintings of charming landscapes and will even join the classic Song Dynasty environment, A Thousand Li of Rivers. Prepare to experience the charm of ancient traditional cultures by exploring the brilliance of these classic works.

It reflects the creative conceptions and beauty of traditional Chinese paintings in the landscape, often characterized by blue and green colors. Get ready to enter this charming landscape and plunge into a wonderful globe. Let your wonderful voyage through the unknown guide you through the amazing painting style, fascinating stories, varied characters and moving music.

Based on masterworks classic stories and tales, A Chinese Bestiary, Mirror Flowers and more, this play includes many striking and touching tales. Follow two unlikely protagonists ‘ adventures as they explore various works and form bonds with all sorts of characters. Let the amazing style of painting, fascinating stories, varied characters and moving music guide you through the paintings on your wonderful trip.

Ink · Mountains and Mystery Features

  • Enter the Canvas: explore classical works that are characterized by vibrant and sensitive strokes.
  • Love landscapes: Picturesque Oriental experience is unique.
  • Heavenly creations: gather objects and uncover the paintings ‘ mysteries.
  • Ink Enigmas: Solve delightful puzzles
  • Immersive Experience: Enjoy this captivating environment and clear your heart.

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App Name Ink · Mountains and Mystery (Apk)
Updated Jan 31, 2019
Current.V 1.0.2
Size 777.21MB
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