Pocket Cowboys Review Wild West Standoff A breath of fresh air

Pocket Cowboys Review: A breath of fresh air

Pocket Cowboys is the newest game of strategy to emerge and try to take the throne in Clash Royale. Nevertheless, unlike most of its rivals, Pocket Cowboys has some concepts of their own.

It really doesn’t feel very much like Clash Royale at all. There are no walls, fights are turn-based instead of real-time, and you’re not building a card deck.

Alternatively, you’re selecting three cowboy characters to bring three real opponents to combat. Then all of you will agree at the same time on your plan of attack.

Then you’ll see how everything unfolds. You may have killed an enemy successfully, killed yourself, or seen the bullets go to waste.

A turn takes 15 seconds, and throughout the game the pace is kept fast

A turn takes just 15 seconds, allowing you to think on your feet and keeping the game moving fast.

You don’t have many movements at your fingertips, so it’s not a huge problem to think fast. In any direction, you can switch, reload, or fire. That’s it.

Nevertheless, each character feels very different, and knowing the talent of all of them is a big part of the strategy.

Snipers can shoot all over the table, marauders can use their shotgun to blast all neighboring tiles, and bandits can fire multiple times before reloading.

The name of the game is to choose your preferences and then use them correctly. You will also want to read your opponents who, depending on the character they choose, will usually behave in a particular way.

The aim is to rack up as many kills per round as possible

The goal is to get as many kills in a game as possible. You win if you get three. You’re going to win gold and a chest that you can open to find new heroes and upgrades.

A sandstorm can begin to cover parts of the board as the war continues, making it much smaller. It’s game over for them if your character gets caught in the storm.

To you, though, it’s not really game over. If your character dies, you may easily call someone else to the fight. If all three die, it’s game over THEN.

Overall, we very enjoy the fresh new take on mobile strategy from Pocket Cowboys. It feels really tense, has a fast pace, and each character gives the table enough new stuff to keep things fresh. Take it right now on Google Play.

Pocket Cowboys: Wild West Standoff Features

  • Combat on PvP in real time
  • Four-player, three-minute death matches
  • Strategic gameplay based on class
  • Wanted status system to increase rewards and bounty
  • Aid characters raise your survival chances
  • Danger people who bring luck and test your plan
  • Map events, such as storms of dirt, which keep matches short
  • Events are held daily to lift your fame
  • Clear games to battle your mates

Download Pocket Cowboys: Wild West Standoff file from Downloading button below and enjoy this app.

Game Name Pocket Cowboys: Wild West Standoff (Apk)
Updated 12 April 2019
Current Version 1.0
Requires Android 4.4 and up
Size 95M
Offered By Foxglove Studios AB