Reality Clash is now available in the UK and Western Europe

Reality Clash is now available in the UK and Western Europe

This week, Reality Clash began its rolling release, making an appearance in the UK and Western Europe on Ios. In those countries, if you want to try it out, you can actually do that now.

If you haven’t learned about this yet, it’s basically Pokémon GO that meets Call of Duty – or any multiplayer game. You’re going to wander around the real world, collect valuable items and resources and get into gunfights.

Reality Clash is essentially a multiplayer shooter that Pokémon GO meets

Gunfights use AR’s power to create a real-world fighting arena. You’ll then use your actual body (and phone, of course!) to aim, dive, and stop return fire.

It’s a beautiful novel idea. Gunfights take place at specific locations, much like Pokémon GO gym battles, so you don’t have to think about a fight going on in the middle of a busy road. That would only be dangerous.

There is also a wide range of weapons for manufacturing and upgrading, which is where the Pokémon component comes in. Go and take Reality Clash on Google Play right now.

Reality Clash: AR Combat Game Features

  • Unparalleled use of technology for augmented reality
  • Work free
  • Geo-location enjoying the real world
  • Customizable weapons and avatars in the game
  • Normal benefits and bonuses
  • Great animations in the war
  • Interactive graphics and 3D sensitive map
  • Actual practice in the fights of FPS
  • Fight for your team and keep your area under control
  • Take control of the capital of the Nodes
  • Visit SafeZones for safety restoration
  • Win resources and make money by battling
  • Experience a new type of AR gaming

Download Reality Clash Game file from Downloading button below and enjoy this app.

Game Name Reality Clash (Game)
Updated August 23, 2019
Current Version 1.16
Requires Android 8.0 and up
Size 66M
Offered By Reality Gaming Group Ltd