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Six-Guns: Gang Showdown Game For Android

Explore a time when the Wild West was a new frontier, and in this third-person shooter adventure game, cowboys, bandits and more… unnatural enemies prowled the massive, wide-open expanse. Buck Crosshaw never shot a dead man who didn’t deserve it, but now he’s a fugitive who had to falsify his own death and escape to seek redemption from Arizona. But in fleeing one evil, Buck is about to face another, because the hills of this mysterious area are stirred by an ancient and wicked force.

Visit a rugged, open world set on Arizona and Oregon’s blood-red deserts, packed with terrible events, deep mystery and exciting challenges to discover. You’re going to travel the path of a wanted man, dead on redemption, as you’re totally immersed in the hot story and red action. But don’t be deceived by the beauty of this land — outlaws, the living dead, and many other supernatural adversaries lurking behind every shadow.

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You will also have plenty of ehancement elements at your fingertips to customize your character, eight different horses, nearly twenty weapons, outfits and different items… In this regard, the game’s possibilities are massive. Six Guns is a pretty good name on the graphic level. Not Gameloft’s best work, who is an expert in this field, but the game is still growing on you.

Six Guns is an outstanding third-person action game with a fun gameplay and a runtime that is more than appropriate. When you download this game, there are hundreds of hours before you on your Android. It’s completely free as well.

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Six-Guns: Gang Showdown Features

  • Take 40 missions with a broad range of tasks to conquer. You’re going to race horses, take thieves out, fend off enemy waves (living and dead) and much more on the way!
  • You must ride free on 8 different horses in this kill-or-be-killed land while unlocking 19 weapons and a wide selection of shoes, ammunition and other equipment to assist you in your revenge adventure.
  • If you think you have to cost a game that deep or enjoyable, you’re dead wrong! To download and play this game to the end, there is no real money redemption required. So, you can keep out of the red your budget!

Download Six-Guns: Gang Showdown file from Downloading button below and enjoy this game.

Game Name Six-Guns: Gang Showdown (Game)
Updated 26 April 2019
Current.V 2.9.5c
Req.Android 4.1 and up
Size 26M
Offered By Gameloft SE