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The Last of Us | Best Action Game Of This Week |

The Last of Us is one of Playstation 3 and Playstation 4’s greatest games. It’s amazing scope and it would be difficult to move graphics to the mobile world. However, this strange adjustment, which takes up just over 120 megabytes, tries to take some elements of the game to Android.

The checks are extremely intuitive in The Last of Us. You have the virtual motion stick on the left side of the screen that allows you to control Joel, while you have all the action buttons on the right: crouch, shoot, reload, and change guns. Tess, the partner of Joel, will always follow you around, but you can’t control her.

This game version is little more than a straightforward sample of the game. That is, you can only move around a deserted environment, comparable to the urban scenes in The Last of Us, while fighting against some’ clickers.’ The enemies just appear in one region of the environment and progress towards you trying to reach you. Fortunately, to assist safeguard you, you have both a handgun and a rocket launcher.

The Last of Us is an exciting game that may not give anything close to the initial title experience, but it allows you to enjoy great graphics (for an Android title) and a nice control system. Simultaneously, it introduces the question of whether such a enormous game could be played on Android.

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Game Name The Last of Us (Apk)
Updated 25.07.19
Current.V 0.1
Size 121.53M