Top 5 Best New Android Games In 2019/2020

Top 5 Best New Android Games In 2019/2020

No 1: Ballex Game

Ballex is a 3D action puzzle game with stunning graphics and complex gameplay. You’ll need to manipulate a ball that can switch throughout the levels of different physical states. In various levels, you will face challenges including a variety of weather conditions and monumental sky gardens. To clear the floor, you need to use the structures around you and dodge between traps.

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No 2: World of Dragon Nest Game

It is a 3D world where all players –from Windows, iOS, and Android –can play and share the same platform together on a single server! It basically eliminates all obstacles centered on the site and brings all Dragon Nest fans together!

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No 3: Unknown Fate Game

You wake up, lonely, in a world that you don’t know. You don’t have any memories of your life, you don’t know how to reach this planet, and the only thing you can do is go on trying to find the truth.
Unknown Fate is a first-player single-player puzzle-adventure with a mystery plot, puzzles to solve and enemies to beat Explore in fantastic worlds solving the puzzles around you and gathering the lost memories of Richard to uncover the truth about Richard’s journey.

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No 4: Sky Baron Game

Every plane can be customized to match your style of play, tweaking the engine, arms, armor, and more. It is a multiplayer game, but on a relatively small scale. You and three friends are going to fight it against a four-man enemy group. You’ll appreciate the attention to detail here if you’re a history buff. From the original construction plans, each of the planes was recreated. So go over right now to Google Play and catch this awesome dogfighter. It’s in alpha, so remember to run into the odd bug or problem.

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No 5: Frontline Guard Game

Frontline guard: multiplayer shooter WW2-fight in online mode against other players from around the world. Two teams were involved in the battle. Try to help win a battle for your group. In this first person Android shooter, test your fighting skills. Both events are taking place at the actual World War II sites. No machines, just real people are taking part in the battle. Every team must wear a certain uniform.