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Top 5 Best New Android Games In 2019/2020

No 1: Dead Rain 2 Apk

Dead Rain 2: Tree Virus is a 2D action and platform game where you play as a zombie apocalypse survivor who has to fight against not only the zombies, but also other survivors and nature itself that has started to act against the human race. Dead Rain 2 gameplay: Tree Virus is perfect for touch screens. You can move your character left and right with your left thumb, while you can jump, shoot, fight hand-to-hand, and perform other actions with your right thumb. You can also climb certain types of surfaces by sliding your finger up and down.

Your aim is to collect all the stars and golden cubes you can find before you reach the end of the game in each level of Dead Rain 2: Tree Virus. You can use all the resources you have collected between levels to improve your equipment and gain new skills. All sorts of hats, jackets, pants, machine guns, sniper rifles, hammers and more can be equipped. One of these items can also be improved. Dead Rain 2: Tree Virus is an excellent combination of action and platforms with enjoyable gameplay, a dark, mysterious atmosphere, and excellent low-poly graphics. The levels are also relatively short, which is ideal for smartphones.

Dead Rain 2 Apk Features

  • Many stages
  • Different skills
  • Taking advantage of zombies ‘ vulnerability
  • fun of manipulation
  • Fight with different bosses
  • Elements concealed for each point
  • Very distinctive graphics

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No 2: World Robot Boxing 2 Apk

Boxing the robot has grown. Have you got that? Do you have what the new World Robot Boxing Championship takes to conquer? Set in a not-so-distant future, this exciting arcade action robot boxing game invites you to smash your opponents, overcome powerful bosses, and become the next great star of boxing! Top the rulers, compete for the title of the World Championship and reign supreme once again as the Official World Robot Boxing Champion.

Be prepared to witness a gameplay experience that marks the progression of Robot Boxing after the massive success of one of the world’s most loved and downloaded Robot Fighting games. PRE-REGISTER NOW to be part of a world-wide trend and to stand up for epic battles. It is no longer just your fight!

World Robot Boxing 2 Apk Features

If you’re in the fighting games of the future, grab this APK right now and make the most of features like:

  • Play with nearly 60 robots. Unlock them and increase your score as you win battles.
  • Fight the online multiplayer mode with your friends in real time via WiFi or use your Bluetooth connection.
  • Adjust your robot.
  • Show off in your own trophy room your victories.
  • Fight on 11 separate rings.

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No 3: Project Mutant Apk

“I’m John, a professional soldier in the army. I’ve been involved in so many challenging missions, but this time it’s different … On a Sunday when I was on leave, my commander Jack called me at 6 a.m. for an emergency. I’ve never before seen him so angry. He spoke of zombies invading neighboring cities. Humanity is not safe anymore. The life of one more person is in danger every minute. There is a mental patient, according to Jack’s research, who turns people into mutants and wants to put an end to humanity. He does this by introducing into innocent people the virus called T-1H. Before this disease spreads, I have to stop this man.

You are facing an invasion of the undead that is destroying civilization. A virus that causes mutations in humans is spreading around the world by creating zombies and threatening our species. This mystery must be solved and the epidemic stopped. Choose your gun, have faith in yourself and fight with your team! Take your place and survive in this relentless war.

Project Mutant Apk Features

  • Your task is to keep the horrible and disgusting mutant from attacking.
  • Lunacy and going are very similar, fleeing to live from the trap-filled position.
  • Weeping is the terrifying and frightening zombie apocalypse on-site.
  • Searching for rooms and corridor in town houses, finding clues and exiting in the madness zombie epidemic.
  • Thanks to the toxic outbreak, the awesome mutants swarmed the city like an eerie ghost.
  • It’s a match for you if you enjoy armed players. Choose your gun and kill awesome zombies.
  • Kidnapped people, save them all in the forsaken city.
  • The city is being attacked by staggering and catastrophic zombies. Stop it!
  • Block this evil, psychopathic man who transforms people into mutants and haunts the city.

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No 4: Blade Bound Apk

Blade Bound Legendary Hack and Slash Action RPG-RPG action with excellent characters for graphics and animation. The final battle of the Universe Order’s defenders was a demon tragedy. Knights have been killed and the land’s darkness has fallen. Centuries later, offspring of brave warriors start rebuilding the once-great organization to launch a campaign against the evil army. The main character is waiting for a hard and dangerous journey before finding a way to put the scales on the human side.

Blade Bound Apk Features

  • Best Mobile RPG Awards 2018 Virtual Dragons
  • 3D console graphics and classic RPG isometric old school feeling!
  • Spectacular and smooth gameplay special effects.
  • Find out that a mobile RPG in epic AAA quality is possible.

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No 5: Project War Mobile Apk

The story mode of Project War Mobile is unique to shooters and tells about the SCUM zombie and how it came about. Play the role of Seventh Sanctum’s genetically bred and built operative as you unravel the undead’s mystery. Watch the action and the excitement unfold each season as we update the story.

Fight online players around the world in ranked matches, scaling the ranking ladder to number 1! Play in the classic team death match, where we pit 2 teams of 4 against each other, control, where each team tries to get the most time on the control points, free-for-all, where all 8 players compete for ultimate supremacy, as well as different other action-packed game modes that we’ll introduce in future updates.

Project War MobileApk Features

  • A new and refreshing thing for an FPS
  • High graphics & animation in detail
  • Personalizable characters
  • A number of arms and firearms to choose from

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