Top 5 Best (Open World) Android Games | High Graphics |


No 1: Genshin Impact Game

The story of the game takes place in Tiwat, a virtual world, where the seven elements of the world come together. Since ancient times, people have been worshiping gods for the sake of peace, and this has become a belief. Because of man’s beliefs in God, he decided to give humans the power to control the elements. Thanks to this power, everything becomes easier. They can build houses in the desert, fly freely thanks to the power of the wind element. But not everyone is given this power by the gods, but the gods only give the chosen ones the gift of something called vision. However, since the death of the world 500 years ago, everything has changed. God is no longer with humans. Players will become travelers to start their journey to find the Seven Travelers and the Seven Gods to find their loved ones.

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No 2: TheHunter Game

Hunter, Android’s first-person shooter game, in which we will enter a beautiful jungle to kill small animals, test your own hunting skills. Hunting games are not made for sensitive hearts and animal lovers, that’s for sure. However, it is amazing that the person who welcomes us to this game developed by Expansive Worlds AB Studios is a ranger who is proud of the land and wildlife. It will be the one that will introduce us to the hunting ground in Lake Leighton District, home to animals of all sizes and shapes. Game Hunter puts us in a beautiful three-dimensional landscape where wonderfully designed animals live. our mission? To shoot them down.

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No 3: Horror zone: Pipe Head Game

Horror Zone: Pipe Head – Horror Adventure in which players will be turned into professional disgrace in various restricted areas. Recently, a very unusual creature was seen on Earth that for some reason is very well preserved. And our main character is suffering from a sense of excitement and thirst, which has successfully overcome the closed zone border. But he did not expect the rumors and stories about Trumphead to come true and he would become a monster. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.

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No 4: Grand Criminal Online Game

Grand Criminal Online – A third-person multiplayer action game with the open world, as well as players with the freedom to choose the role of avatar in the city. You can be a law-abiding citizen and take action in a profession and watch the adventures of gamers from the outside who have become the best criminals in the metropolis or joined them and joined the opposition. Selected as status. Number one among them. Single and cooperative tasks, a huge variety of car models and other equipment, a weapon of war, the personal nature of the characters, and much more will attract every fan of these games. This is a sandbox game where we will control a character in the style of a third person and with which we will be able to travel in a wide world while riding in cars and interacting with all kinds of objects including motorcycles. shall be. Fast map. To be able to progress in the game, we will also be given many missions that we have to fulfill.

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No 5: Sky Combat Game

Sky Combat is an action game that lets you control a group of fighter jets to fight in exciting realistic battles. Take advantage of the 3D settings to find all your enemies and use the features included in each aircraft to recognize your authority. One of the most interesting aspects of Sky Combat is that you have to unlock pieces that can modify your fighter jets. That’s right, you don’t have to deal with the aircraft models available in the game, you can upgrade some features yourself. Also, great style immerses you in every setting. Managing the control system in Sky Combat is really easy. Move each of your planes by tapping the left side of the screen. There is also a set of action buttons that you can use to change the point of view, open fire on enemies or increase your speed. The information in Viewfinder that tells you about the technical parameters and points in which you are being targeted is also very useful.

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