Top 5 Dark Atmospheric Android Games for You | High Graphics Games |

Top 5 Dark Atmospheric Android Games for You | High Graphics Games |

No 1: BADLAND Game

BADLAND-Great new-genre arcade game with runner dimension and logical puzzles. In this game, the player will be a cool character whose creature resembles a hairy lump with tiny wings. With its strength this odd little animal can become smaller, stronger and stronger.

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No 2: MIRIAM The Escape Game

MIRIAM: The Escape is a black and white platformer which is two-dimensional. The game universe’s black and white world is anything but the strange dreams of a child we’ll pass through. In the end, what awaits us, and what challenges are on our way, can only be inferred. MIRIAM is a platformer where puzzles are the principal parts of the gameplay. They will walk, run, leap, move objects, click buttons and perform other acts all through the stunning and magical 20 + levels that will help a little girl get out of the dream world.

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No 3: Ninja Arashi Game

Ninja Arashi-platform game tells of a ninja warrior who went out to save his son from the devil’s own hands. He did the hard road full of traps and enemies for that. For adventure samurai must climb over pits containing poisonous liquids and spikes, and with the aid of a trusty katana and shuriken, cut enemies in the cabbage too. The game features outstanding graphics elements, fantastic gameplay and lots of weapons enhancements, making an even more powerful way to fight the apostates.

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No 4: Evil Cogs Game

Evil Cogs – Adventure Project in common dark gray colours. We were turned into a huge factory by the once vibrant world of captured enemies, now the darkness is only rarely illuminated and the sunshine is spread as if it had never existed. One of the few who has managed to survive is the protagonist and he wants to find a way out of this endless maze of dangers, dark places and deadly traps.

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No 5: Typoman Mobile Game

Typoman Mobile-original mobile game with puzzle elements in gameplay, and very addictive. The main character is a letterman who tries to move through the dangerous and inhospitable territory. Yet his talent for word-making will allow him to overcome obstacles. Just chosing what you want to see is very important. Some typographic mistake can have serious repercussions. Okay, the positive experience has led to fantastic graphics and animations.

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