TOP 5 OFFLINE Games For Android Phone Under 50mb

TOP 5 OFFLINE Games For Android Under 50mb

TOP 5 OFFLINE Games FoTOP 5 OFFLINE Games For Android Under 50mbr Android Under 50mb

TOP 5 OFFLINE Games For Android Under 50mb

No 1: Battle Flare Game

Combat Flare is a game of Fast-Paced RPG Fights. Fight against hundreds of specific enemies and provide countless arms and armors for your character. Join the battle royal and fight your way through powerful enemies and epic boss battles! In this action packed RPG game collecting rare weapons. Choose from 6 different classes with unique skills to stab your enemies and show you’re the best warrior there is! In this fantasy RPG game, train your hero and learn new fighting skills but also get ready to fight your way through your enemies. This RPG fighting game in real time lets you control your character’s every move. Only the most skilled combatant can win the battle! Battle your way to the end in story mode or have endless fun in infinite mode, the more battles you fight, the more enemies get stronger and stronger. Only the best survive the fight! Survive to win major boss battles by obtaining stronger weapons and armors. In this epic fantasy RPG fighting game only the worthy can win the battle!

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TOP 5 OFFLINE Games For Android Under 50mb

No 2: BMX FE3D 2 Game

In this BMX simulator video, feel like a pro freestyle BMX rider while you’re riding the skate parks, performing cool and crazy stunts and tricks, wheelies, wallrides, flips and grinds! Ride bridges, ride sidewalks, ride whatever! Choose one of the 3 game modes, Arcade mode, where you score as many points as you can in 3 minutes, S-K-A-T-E, where you have to make specific tricks to win, or Free Mode where you can skate around without any time limits or interruptions and just have fun! Customize your character with tons of various shoes, shirts, hats, accessories and more, customize your bike with different parts of your bike and paint it any way you like!

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TOP 5 OFFLINE Games For Android Under 50mb

No 3: Skyturns Game

Skyturns is a cutting-edge platform game. The game is looking easy at first glance. Run and jump around in the sky along a set of lines. But as you play the game you realize that it’s actually complex what looked simple at first. The complexity comes from the game mechanics as well as the stage structure and imagination. Finding the optimal route you should take, and how to navigate the slides and jumps to reach the optimal runner speed, is an almost impossible task. Making flawless implementation of that program is even harder. The core concept of Skyturns is innovation. That is why a fully fleshed out level editor comes with the game. We allow all of our players to develop their own level and share it with us and with everybody. Perhaps nothing is more rewarding than discovering a well put together level custom made and really getting into playing it and vying for the best possible time. Many people playing this game get hooked, and can’t stop playing. This is simply a game. No pay to win, no gimmicks and nonsense, only gameplay of pure, unadulterated quality.

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TOP 5 OFFLINE Games For Android Under 50mb

No 4: Guntoss: Cyborg Arm Game

Prof. Crazy Himms suddenly comes out with his evil robots in the year 2025 and begins to drag the whole Earth into a chaos that will last forever and he’s having a lot of fun doing it. When chaos is spread all over the world, and people lose their lights of hope, the Guntoss Team appears and becomes a light of hope for people. This team consists of 5 different heroes and starts a war against Prof. Crazy Himms and their Evil Robots. To win this war Guntoss Team must kill Prof. Crazy Himms ‘ 5 major bases on Earth. The Guntoss Team is setting out to destroy these bases and our heroes are beginning a big adventure. Professor Crazy Himms occupied a very large underground town and had set up a major base in this underground town. The Guntoss Team intended to destroy this base and free the underground area. This challenging task came down on Cyborg Arm, who very well knew the underground environment.

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TOP 5 OFFLINE Games For Android Under 50mb

No 5: Happy Wheels Game

Happy Wheels is a side-scrolling, physics-based obstacle course game with more than one billion online games and is now available for your mobile devices. Assume the role of your racer inadequately prepared and neglect serious consequences in a desperate search for victory. Then play on an electric shopping cart as Effective Shopper, on a jet-powered wheelchair as Wheelchair Man, on a bicycle as Irresponsible Dad and his friend, or as a business guy on a personal transporter.