Top 5 OFFLINE Games For Android Mobile Phone

Top 5 OFFLINE Games for Android

Top 5 OFFLINE Games for Android

Top 5 OFFLINE Games for Android

No 1: Stickman Runner Taj Mahal Game

Are you ready for a new Taj Mahal Stickman Runner? Start now and enjoy an awesome stickman jumper and Stickman Runner Taj Mahal Stickman Runner Taj Mahal Easily hop over and roll over obstacles as easily and as far as possible. Try to beat up to 10 different tracks on other highscore matches.

Naturally, never ending
Crazy Racer Stickman Taj Mahal
Pleasant parkour.
Parkour platform characters tow stickman runner.
Good platform for graphics

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Top 5 OFFLINE Games for Android

No 2: Racing Fever: Moto Game

A brand new motor racing experience comes from the Racing Fever makers! We’ve combined all the adrenaline, fun and excitement in this game that a pair of tires can bring for you together. You won’t be able to put down your phone with the incredible racing experience and impressive graphics. For a more realistic experience, you can use different camera angles to play from the point of view of your racer or increase your control over the race. We’ve designed 16 different motorcycles for you to the smallest detail. Take your pick, improve their performance, change their design and start racing. We know that there are no two racers alike! To satisfy all of you, we included a control option. By tilting your phone or pressing the button, you can control your wheel. There’s no reason for winning the race! Speed limits were set in this game to be violated! Note, it’s just you and your bike when you hide from the police! You can set the time of day, weather conditions, density of traffic, speed and flow and even the number of cops! You’re setting rules, winning the race!

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Top 5 OFFLINE Games for Android

No 3: Ace Fighter Game

Have you been bored with traditional simulation of flight and aircraft games? Do you need a real challenge? Try “Ace Fighter: Modern Air Combat” and become the sky’s supreme leader! Feel the power of modern dogfighting in 3D sky! Unleash the power of your plane’s weapons on enemy jets and with fiery explosions light up the sky. Ace Fighter: Modern Air Fighting introduces you to today’s world of war planes and supersonic jet fighters. Join players from around the globe in an epic Air Force Dominance PvP multiplayer battle. Military aeronautics offers you a vast variety of aircraft and aircraft at its best.

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Top 5 OFFLINE Games for Android


Project: OffRoad] is a driving game where you get behind the wheel of a vehicle that has to tow down a map with a series of trailers. The idea is to manage without losing any of the packages on your trailers to transport your merchandise. The gameplay in[ Project: OffRoad] is simple: on the right side of the screen you have speed and brake pedals, as well as a reverse lever. Your wheel is on the left side to control the vehicle’s direction. You can choose the color you want your car to be at the start of the game and add accessories. Then start your missions: tow a number of trailers to a certain position on the map, arrive somewhere within a set time limit, etc. The challenge in[ Project: OffRoad] is quite high because there are some quite realistic dynamics in the game. It’s not enough to get close to it to tie up a trailer: you have to reverse before you hit it and position yourself a little below it to attach to your car. And you’ve got to drive really carefully, as if you’re missing any of the boxes on your truck, you’re going to miss your task.

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Top 5 OFFLINE Games for AndroidTop 5 OFFLINE Games for Android

No 5: Death Invasion : Survival Game

This is a small town that Death has occupied. When you continue to stay here, you will be quickly overrun with zombies. Would you like to survive? Just leave the city and protect yourself!
Being kind is dumb because here the zombies have lost their basic emotions. What you need to do in time is to replenish your physical strength and never stop fighting. It’s the only option to fight! This town has several survivors. Even if you’re not a savior, you may need their help to get out of this city. Find the survivors and form a shoulder to shoulder fighting squad. Are you ready to begin this survival journey? To take up arms to survive the war, or to drown in the zombie sea, to give up resistance? It is up to you. Only suit your gun and experience the awesome game of TPS!