Top 5 Zombie Games For Android Mobile With Gameplay

Top 5 Zombie Games For Android With Gameplay

Top 5 Zombie Games For Android With Gameplay

No 1: Last Shelter: Survival Game

Your Mission, Survive War ravages The virus has spread on a global scale, and most people are now zombies. We need to ensure our survival in this terrible time! “Commander, build your base and guard the people against zombies!” Hold the flames of humanity lit! Build your city: You’ve got to build your base to survive… You start small but you’re going to grow fast, you’ve got to be strong so you can protect more people! Plan your structures properly and the space is precious. Find or start an alliance: people are scattered around the world, find your friends, build an alliance, and defend yourself against your enemies-Select Class: you can choose to thrive in your own way from one of three classes! -Fight: Train various units, and fight for your empire!

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Top 5 Zombie Games For Android With Gameplay

No 2: The Dark Pursuer Game

You find yourself trapped in an abandoned place by yourself, but there is something nearby, something dark and dangerous. Start looking for ways to get out of that position before you can’t… You can play with your friend on multiplayer too! You are the player in this game and your buddy is the beast that will try to capture you. Hide from him, and run for victory. The multiplayer is now global, you’re just creating a name for the match and your friend connects from anywhere to the game by the match name. Remember that one of the players must buy the full game (purchase inside the app) to play multiplayer.

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Top 5 Zombie Games For Android With Gameplay

No 3: Dawn of Zombies Game

DoZ is a post-apocalyptic world online survival simulator. There those who lived through Conflagration had been left to fight against starvation, aberrations, fanatical mutants and zombies, diseases and radiation. And other survivors too, of course. Become a natural born survivor through the wilting heat and deadly frost. Be careful though: when the night falls, the Territories become much more dangerous. Humanity falls— the rise of the dead. You are one of the hunters, a Strider-the desert stalker. You are discovering the Last Territories, the Area of aberration somehow survived after the battle. There, man is more dangerous than beast, for a can of tinned meat and dirty shoes, you can get killed. Your last mate, a natural born aberration specialist, has gone missing somewhere in the Territories. The enquiry is in your possession. He alone can help you recover your memory, and survive…

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Top 5 Zombie Games For Android With Gameplay

No 4: State of Survival Game

It’s been six months since the beginning of the zombie apocalypse. The city becomes infected with the virus. Six months of terror, horror, and zombie-fights. You are a survivor and your friends face monsters in a brave fight. Create a city that survives the relentless zombie waves. Welcome to The Survival State. Happy for a survival strategy game! Infection with zombies has ripped across the country taking all civilization with it. Now it is time for survival, as the surviving army and government have gone underground. The planet is now a part of the sick. It is time to build a community that has a plan for fighting monsters and zombies. The plague is expanding faster, and the people need a hero! They need a hero, so all they need is to survive! You can make friends in this adventure, or fight against other survivors. Shoot zombies in fps mode with your sniper weapon. Death is coming and the battlefield is only for heroes, so build an army!

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Top 5 Zombie Games For Android With Gameplay

No 5: Zombie Strike Game

Gather a team of fighters surviving Armageddon from Zombie. Fight thousands of dead walkers. Hire heroes who have the unique skills and weapons. Develop a well-balanced team, play with squad structure, power up your heroes and update them. Gather your money, and invest them wisely. Challenge the Arena players from around the world, and fight for humanity’s survival. Recruit survivors, turn zombies, build a powerful team to defend your home! Automatic play High Intelligence AI, say goodbye to manual operation, free your hands! Get loot even when offline, there’s plenty of rewards waiting for you!