Durango: Wild Lands

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This is an enormous video game where you can move around gigantic sceneries full of details. At any moment, you can pick berries from the ground, chop down trees, interact with other characters, build shelter, or of course, fight against an enemy. The combat system in Durango has two modes. On one hand, you can activate an automatic mode where your character will attack every chance he gets; while on the other hand, you can fight in manual mode, taking control of the attack and avoidance moves. Durango is an impressive visual in every sense of the word. Now you can explore unstable islands filled with valuable resources, tamable dinosaurs, and secrets work together to create a clan and expand a village. Hunt down great dinosaurs in Raid islands and engage in pvp and Clan battles.

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  1. yadwinder says:

    y hmare pho me durango kyo nahi chal reha fb acont feld or google play v feld aa reha ha pho v 4gb ramm ha plz kuj btao

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