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Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap

The gameplay of this is such a wonderful taste that is never been tasted in any other game in the planet as a player you can switch forward and backward between the new hand-drawn illustrations and the more established 8-bit designs. The story spins around an explorer that is burdened with a revile. So as to expel this revile, the player must adventure through a variety of grounds looking for monsters. When these mythical beasts are crushed, the revile will be lifted. En route, your character will open a couple of various creature frames that will be useful in overcoming the game’s numerous foes, which is a charming repairman that keeps the ongoing interaction advancing as you advance. The inclusion of controller support is also very welcome, as this can be a challenging title, plus it will be nice to sit back and enjoy the game on the Shield TV, which should be more fitting for those that prefer a console experience.